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NetMos Technology Device lspci -v [cut] Copyright Gentoo Foundation, Inc. The is a parallel port, did you try the generic printer port USB driver? The sources for chipset driver 99xx. Then try building it again.

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Unfortunately I don’t know what has changed in the driver subsystem to port the driver to the new version of the kernel View unanswered posts View posts from last 24 hours. There may be other error messages earlier in the output, make sure there are none. Then try building it again. Thu Oct 13, 4: You probably will have to use in-kernel drivers if available, as they’re more likely maintained than drivers provided by the manufacturer This might be an interesting cable to buy as it has a parallel db25 on it, though I already have a usbparallel cable it has the centronics36 on it.

MCS7705 — USB 1.1 to Single Parallel Controller

I didn’t download the sourcecode to that driver so it’s quite possible that warning enable isn’t in the makefile and may need some grepping to find it I was able to hook msochip my parallel port relay to this PCI card.


NetMos Technology Device lspci -v [cut] Edit the makefile and remove that phrase wherever you see it.

The sources for chipset driver 99xx. I tried the generic printer port USB driver but that did not work. After downloading it, I tried to compile it using the “make” command and I got the following errors: But in this case you may have to port the driver to the new kernel which requires some programming knowledge and kernel internals You should be able to just remove the -Wno-unused-but-set-variable from the Makefile.

The and are serial, which won’t work of course. Wed Sep 14, 3: I’m my old hardware, I use to use the parallel port to communicate with my K74 PC Parallel Port Relay Board which allowed me to run my sprinkler system.

That solution worked perfectly. Myself could compile the 99xx driver on linux Yeah, that’s more like the errors I’d expect to kill a build.


Bus Device Try looking for a newer version of the driver, it may be ported to newer kernels? Hosting by Gossamer Threads Inc.

I don’t want to hook up a centronics36 to my protoboards I ended up returning this cable to 770.

All times are GMT. What version of gcc are you using? The is a parallel port, did you try the generic printer port USB driver?

Tue Sep 13, Mon Mosschip 06, 1: Display posts from previous: Unfortunately the errors are indication of API change and not compatible with the kernel you’re using. Warnings shouldn’t trigger the bomb