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The used circuit here is a standard application, expanded by the ratio extender circuit as well as a high voltage switching transistor to isolate the controller MC from dangerously high voltages. I got about The pictures below show the base-emitter voltage for two different values of resistors. Take a look at figure 27 in http: Well, the circuit had problems and I spent entirely too much time trying to get it to work.

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December 13, at I tried this out, and it worked Maybe I should edit to stipulate that. This board uses 1 mmc34063 2. Finding through-hole packages in nowadays is very hard. Is this the right way of going about it?

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28V Output From 12V DC Input Step Up DC-DC Converter Using MC34063

Input Power was 5. For instance ive found a couple of 39uH inductors but i don’t know which ones i need, 2A, 0. Note that boosts in CCM can have very high Q power modulator response that can ring with hysteretic control. In my haste I ignored the required output capacitance calculations, and after going back over them I realized this was approx. Email required Address never made public.


You mayst also notice, that the output voltage is much higher, as well as the input current is lower and the transistor gets not that hot.

High Voltage Power Supply with the MC

Rectification Power Supply Designer: Notify me of new comments via email. A BUT12A and a 4. The way the passive components are connected to the MC depend on what type of power supply you are building: Driving the base without a resistor is probably a major problem. Ipeak must be smaller than Isat saturation current step-u inductor.

Email Required, but never shown. High Voltage Ringer — This is the original post I stumbled across that gives a rough picture of the IC and a decent schematic of its use.

I am rather much limited with using through-hole components since the rest of the project is being built that way. Now that I read it again, what you say makes sense and the internal transistors support only 40V.


Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A lot of calculators out there suggest values, but for higher voltages, these circuits fail.

The function of the transistor is to increase the current when dischargeing the capacitor. The datasheet seems to suggest the IC normally operates in discontinuous mode, which would explain the ripple. Sign up using Facebook. Wish I had found this before. The chip runs at a max of MHz, so that is what I use.

The calculations are all done with Javascript. Fmin — the minimum frequency. Take a look at figure 27 in http: Or must I use a p-channel? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.