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The mapping for three of them looks the same for all TV tuners, so that is nice to know. The 1 thing I see is blown-out brights. More specific information on the Matrox Marvel G can be found here. I think cards like ATI are considered the best consumer capture cards but I read also that capture cards with the philips saa decoder are similar or even superior as they have 9 bits decoder and not a 8 bit decoder as in Ati cards. So I started with investigations.

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Drivers For Free – Graphics Video Matrox Graphics Devices

It does the job, it captures p60 with 0 dropped frames, even on my relatively underpowered Macbook Pro. Matrox encoders provide optimized, low-bitrate, real-time encoding and decoding of multiple video streams from SD to 4K, which can all be simultaneously recorded. I want to create two synchronized recordings from both outputs because after recording, I would use CCExtractor to obtain a subtitle file from the analog recording which I could then have the option of playing over the high definition recording.

As result this driver will not work with a number of programs, such as the good old Amcap. Main problem was that the newest driver do not provide a separate audio capture driver. Capture project, the tuner property can be used by filling in the proper channel number. Hi again, And what do you think of capturing analog video with this device. According to the prompt to complete the installation! Last edited by Saturn; 19th Apr at What happened on your laptop sound card?


Could someone post a screenshot of a working graph for making a lossless recording from the StarTech device’s HDMI input? Because it came on my way, I made also a Delphi version of the frequency tuning function. For too-dark blacks, raise the brightness.

Surfing through the Teletext pages, just bij clicking the mouse or cursor on a 3-digit number looks great to me.

Matrox Sound Card Drivers

Only major drawback I can think of is that it has no OS X support. Are the Capture AVI specs reasonable?

What exactly does the card do if it is capturing to AVI? I will say that I wouldn’t be buying such an expensive card just to capture Hi8 tapes czpture S-Video.

Niżżel is-sewwieqa għall Matrox WDM capture/crossbar driver

With the BtPCI drivers sometimes these old cards can still be used. You’ll only be working in the “64” folder if you’re on bit. The device has to encode this in the hardware and send out a compressed stream aka lossy video at the users specified bitrate. To select the input to use I have tried 2 solutions, the capture filter in virtual dub or previous selecting the input through the companion app that can qdm closed after that. I already have put Huffyuv’s field threshold set to thanks.


ToStringtrue ; But, in fact, this code using the registry did not work the way as I would expect.

The video is over- sharpened when haloes are visible. If you want try the program, look here for the download. I suppose VDub has a histogram you can use.

Matrox WDM capture/crossbar driver Drivers

What is instance data and what is property data? I would suggest using one of them rather than Huffyuv-MT unless you have some other reason to prefer it. Anyway does the above seem like a reasonable capturw I generally favor the DirectShow devices since you can tailor the card to meet your needs but the lossy cards are generally acceptable unless you are really picky about video quality madVR helps.

Matrox is working closely with standards bodies to evolve truly open workflows.

This makes tuning and finding a broadcast a lot easier The decorative part of this product can be made out of black or transparent polymeric material. They support motherboards with Intel H chipset and a single expansion slot which is occupied by M.