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Do you think I can start to build this one and then update it with new firmware and wiring modifications as it will be available? I think many people try programming things like this, and would be really thankfull for watching on this code. I am attaching the screenshot and the program. But on the pcb nothing works, why? I use 20MHz crystal to make a 48MHz clock and the program setting is below:. My planned updates include:.

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Board is to use LCD screen momentary switches and Potentiometers for setup, due to the need for heat sinks; the programming LCD and setup portion should be a separate hand held board coupled to Boost Converter It is also desired that the output.

How can we improve the input frequency range of graphical lcd oscilloscope? This means that the display area must be cleared before each update, which can cause an annoying ‘ ‘flicker’ depending on the update rate. Therefore, I would recommend you look for a TC datasheet and work through the command set to see what you can do. I generally also keep track of any values that I’m displaying, and only update the text when there is a change.


PIC18F KS Graphical LCD Oscilloscope –

Below table provides the detailed info of all the GLCD pins. All that you need to do is double check the pin definitions and change the device include at the top of the source code to: For sure, I though your code would definitely work as it seems to me that is exactly what I wanted to do.

New logo for a concreting business. Do you have a process or flow chart for how the sine wave display section cccs please? I need someone to pick up where I have left off.

Arduino Menu managment with setting perimters Urgent! We are able ks1008 print out the MAC addresses of all these devices as well as the address type and event type.

KS LCD Thermometer CCS C PIC16F88 LM35 Sensor – Electronics Projects Circuits

Very urgent small c code Ended. In the future i want the build scope with external adc adc, adc… for better performance. It ks010 initializing, setting the location, clearing the screen, writing a single character and string, setting a pixel and displaying a bitmap image. The line address starts from 0xb8 and goes till 0xbf as shown below. Inserting a delay of 4us between data and instruction make the LCD work fine.

What does video look like?

Send them to support ccsinfo. Create the code and post it in a CodePen or something like that so we can use the code. The discrete samples are then cca by a constant ratio so that they will fit on the screen. I have changed theese: Many Thanks Sergio P. In comparison with the character LCD, it can display anything on the screen provided by the user.


Please don’t bid if. Below is the complete instruction table. Saves distance to a csv file. Hi, Sorry, I should have posted the entire routine originally.

Hello steve i build this scope with pic18f and work fine. Dear all, I am having a tough time interfacing pic16fa with Glcd x64 running in KS Impending collision” and LCD when distance goes below a threshold.

Ccs lcd 128×64 ks0108 jobs

I Need something that will work to 20kHz and your project looks spot on. Hi Steve, Is anything still going on with this project? All of the sections kd0108 their components are described and discussed below.