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If you want to do this faster, you should check out the Hoffis pages above and disable the encryption for the codeplug. Hi Hotrod, I intend to try the XP and Win 98 in the next few weeks so I will report back my findings, it helps you or anyone else. Sensitivity is now about 0. See a video of the software in use If you want a copy of Motorola Doctor software just join the following group Click to join RadioDoctor You will also need a simple interface to connect the radio to your PC. You will need this later, so write it down.

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QRZ Ham Callsign lookup. Products list for Professional Series. Sometime in Motorola changed the tp300 channel radios such that if you were to hack the radio into an 8 channel model, you still get 2 channels. If you have Windows 7 then this site provides links to the ISO and help on how to use it.

Motorola Radius GP300 Programming Software

Expand the progrqmming to 16 channels, Alternate Method A much slower but just as effective way of doing it is to use Hex Workshop to edit the saved file. First, make a backup of the codeplug file you want to edit copy it to a.

I have a cable to program gp, usbtypeA, GP-professional pin. The obsolete operating systems can usually be legally obtained from WinWorld. Most of the time you will see a 0x02 or 0x08 in this position programmint 2 or 8 channel radios respectively. If you only have a 25pin serial port then see below for the pin-out translation. Search Downloads Search Use inverted comas to refine your search.


Motorola Programming software GM GP

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. In the event you loose track of which bit you programmong editing and get a Error 58, its easy to start over again.

If the 2 channels programmed in the radio come up in the order 1,2,2,2,2, You may have g300 do this from a clean boot or possibly in safe mode if the file is locked.

First read radio and save F8 to Archive and Backup, before make changes to it. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

After boot and A: If you are using a calculator enter your limit ie for programking For convenience, we offer software for download instead of physical CD delivery.

You will find that in some cases the capacitors appear to be the wrong way around, however this is not the case, as they must be configured this way to generate the correct voltages within the MAX At the bottom of the metal chassis, gently insert a flat-blade screwdriver between it and the housing, and pry up.


Here is the main screen. The Google search also reveals a number of tools that claim to fix this error, some of which offer registry repairs.

CP50; GP68 only adjusting, no programming frequency You should probably find an entry at addresses h, replace with FE1Eh. I’ve been programing GPs but have been unable to program one which I purchased from the shop. If that does not go, First change the attribute af programmijg GPT. Show 15 more replies.

When you press “Find Next”, you will see your model number highlighted. P low band only! The change was the microprocessor to a new unit that only recognizes the common and 1 line of the channel selector.

P If you look at this model entry, the third byte after the model number offset 0x87A is a The programming interface can be made for a low cost.

In order to build the interface described below, you will at least require some basic electronics experience. Try changing the field to 0x10 to make a 16 channel radio and progra,ming what happens.