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Overclocking certainly bring a lot of extra value. The image quality in 2D as well as in 3D are measured. Since the has a slower memory clock, this is probably due to the z-compression and other nifty bandwidth-saving tricks that the has and the Ultra does not. The performance and sound level of the cooling is also very important. We’ll take this puppy to the test alright ;. The MB of memory isn’t really being used by any of these games — none that you could hit a playable framerate in if you were in a situation using more than MB of video memory — but a higher memory clock, even putting it up to MHz or MHz, the speed of the Ultra reference board, would have allowed for better performance and since it was less memory very likely a lower cost as well.

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But that’s just my opinion of course. Here we see how much we can overclock the card without suffering from artefacts, and then measure the performance against the default results.

Despite the gfforce that the Gainward card has MB of memory, don’t expect it to outperform the Ultra at any point.

Gainward GeForce FX Review – IGN

The only thing that distinguishes the box for this product compared to Gainwards FX Ultra is the stickers on the front.

The cooler looks like a flame tip.

The memory overclock was as mentioned a lot better though. Let me gefotce this a bit less tactful as I usually do. The card supports S-video and composite input and output via an included adapter cable.


As always Gainward are providing a high quality package of soft- and hardware. It can’t keep up with the Ultra at all, aginward to the lack of memory bandwidth to go around, but performance is certainly acceptable in x, a good resolution for playing if I do say so myself.

Now the Radeons dominate. But nobody has solved the dilemma: Since 4x AA was a tad bit slow on the FX this is certainly performance that we welcomne with open arms.

But then again, Gainward are likely to produce boards built on that revision in a near future too. Whether we like it or not but we have to trace products appearing on the scene and products made in quantities.

Gainward Fx5600 256mb AGP Grafikkarte NVIDIA GeForce 5600 Nv31 Agp8x CRT DVI TVO

FX is a solid performer with these new drivers. Of course most bundeled games are usually not the best ones out there.

The sales are expected a bit later And card makers have already started developing such cards. Thank you Gainward for making this review possible! The bundle here is pretty decent.

Pentium 4 MHz based computer: Now comes the cooler. This puts the ahead by a decent amount, considering the framerates we’re talking about. Perhaps Gainward prioritized the cool looks of the HSF instead? The transistor count of the is 80 millions. Gainward offers only one model based on this processor and we will examine this card today.


The memory is covered with heatsinks which are properly glued to the chips.

Gainward Ultra FX MB AGP 8x Video Card | eBay

Oddly enough, in Comanche 4, where we’re more limited by the processor than the video card, the plain fits in exactly where one would expect. Known for their reputation of building high-quality and feature rich graphics cards today we will test a new product from the lads at Gainward.

The quality of the TV-out and any other in and outputs are compared. The manufacturer is none other than Gainward and we recieved their acclaimed Golden Sample version which ensures higher clock frequencies. On the other hand this version is clocked a tad slower and of course ‘only’ has MB memory yet is using that excellent bit memory bus thus leaves heaps of memory bandwidth.

Matrox’ SharkMark program shows unfortunate vertex shader performance, not even able to keep up with the Ultra card. Does the Ultra justify the money users pay for such cards? GeForce FX handles anisotropic filtering with ease though the Pro is again a bit faster.

Testbed and drivers Testbed: