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These students had virtually no previous experience with control design. Organized by Freescale Semiconductor, the Freescale Cup competition challenges student teams worldwide to build intelligent autonomous model cars and race them around a track with speed bumps, intersections, hills, and chicane curves. You might not have the time to document all your designs and concepts properly before sitting down to code or to create a piece of hardware, but you might want to create an ordered list of all the different tasks which will be necessary to finish the car, who will do those items, and when you want each task to be finished. The components of this kit will provide students with the basic materials. Codewarrior “Bare Metal” Example Code: The code package includes a labview VI shown in the demo videos.

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However, the RS motor is physically too large to fit in the Freescale chassis.

Freescale Cup Kit | NXP Community

If anyone can help provide some more specs on the gears, that would be great; right now I have insofar deduced that they are 9 tooth 0. You don’t have JavaScript enabled. Use the field below to search for the desired community maker. To help maintain control while cornering at high speeds, FEI-Minetors decided to implement an electronic differential.

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To add new comment, please Login. We are three for software development for TFC and we have just one Plot of torque distribution left for the electronic differential right. Explore the tutorials and reference materials Designing and programming your Cup Car: Is it normal or not? Type to filter by text Filter by tag Sort Sort by date created: These are quite well approximated with the Jameco motors.


Select the China site in Chinese or English for best site performance. Lighting And in one message it’s wrote: So we can’t find the command signal to go straight.

Some testing that I did seems to corroborate the fact that it is quite similar if not identical to the noted motors:. Are there any special features that you might want to add motkr your car — such as real time debugging?

MathWorks Support for Student Competitions. Does anybody have this board and doesn’t use it?

Freescale Cup Kit

Next, the team created a Simulink model of the chassis, including its weight and dimensions. There are no components or releases to display. Altium will never give your email address to any third party.

Hello, We want to participate this year in the Freescale Cup, and we were thinking about asking design students to make our Car Bodyis it possible? Your message was succesfully sent!

The sensor interfacing, vehicle navigation, signal processing and control systems techniques students will learn can be applied to most embedded systems. The control system switched between these two controllers as the car raced. Gallery There are no cjp files to display.


Performing these tests in simulation was not only faster and more repeatable than real-world testing, but it also enabled the students to explore scenarios that would have damaged the hardware if performed on the actual car.

Here is a great deal of information for the teams participating into the Freescale Cup Fgeescale race hosted by the Politecnico of Torino in Italy: My question is as follows: I am now searching for the proper gears to go onto these motors, since they are quite fragile freescsle maximum PWM, and pulling off the gears from dead motors is rather annoying.

Freescale Cup Motor Driver Board

Therefore, I took some time and used those characteristics in conjunction with the characteristics I observed, and deduced that it must cpu closest to this motor: Hello, At every start of our system, we notice that the ServoMotor isn’t at the same position with the same command signal. Mootor, In the recent light of last finals I would like to clarify one specific ability of the car and a certain situation. Manufacture Download Files Delete.

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