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They ended with Markus submitting some code which made non-backwards compatible changes to that code something some of the other developers didn’t like ; one of them proposed a simple change that would add better backwards compatibility, but Markus basically said “take it as it is or leave it”. The approach aimed to have some compatibility level to the available BSD tuning modules. The sad story of the em28xx driver Posted Nov 16, The sad truth would seem to be that, while working with the community is something that a couple thousand developers do with little trouble every year, there will always be a few who have difficulties. Also, the upstream driver is actively maintained.

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The sad story of the em28xx driver

That’s non sequitur to me. So I think your real objection isn’t to the developers’ allocation of their time, but to the way they choose to conduct their lives.

empoa What we have here is a classic story of an impedance mismatch between a developer and the development community. Here we have again one guy against a supposed “clique” of kernel developers. There seems to be little doubt that it has developed well beyond the in-tree driver; it supports a wider range of emmpia. Failure to merge it risks losing the work that has been done, and, perhaps, losing the future work of a developer who, for all his faults, is clearly trying to provide a better experience for Video4Linux users.

During the time while working on it the driver already started supported more and more devices, and that small gap at the beginning became as a base for the entire code, everytime I tried to rework some bits in it it broke alot devices. So this eempia was not merged. The sad story of the em28xx driver Posted Nov 14, These changes were not popular in the Video4Linux community, and there were fears that they could break unrelated drivers.


It’s same as with Reiser4.

Given that, one might well wonder why Markus Rechberger’s empai submitted “empia” driver series is encountering so much resistance. I agree with Jonathan that many things finally went that way BUT there’s some kind of reason for it. But such problems are common to drivers which have spent a lot of time out of tree; they are simply something to fix.

Just one, I have to write that Michael Krufky e28xx also involved into why it turned bad. Is it actually a requirement for driver inclusion that future support be lined up? As a user, it’s unbelievable to me that these guys have so much time on their hand for childish flamewars. If there are technical reasons to have two drivers it’s Ok, but if the reasons are political Finally his stuff got merged, bringing my code totally out of sync, and patches which got into mainstream were mostly derived from my code too.

I distinctly remember many devices having legacy as well as newer drivers supporting more devices, it does not hurt anybody to get his new driver in as an alternate driver and give the choice to the user. If you are abusing developers’s and users’s trust it becomes suddenly much harder to integrate code in kernel. Someone could dig into the whole topic at least for a week fulltime. Hans promised to work with the community on Em28cx and so after long deliberation it was included in kernel.


The userspace drivers used a couple of self written drivers. Basically there are too many good people involved already.

This review notwithstanding, Mauro has indicated that he is not interested in accepting this patch. This attempt to exercise control over freely-licensed code was slapped down by Andrew Morton and others, but it left unpleasant memories behind. That solution, too, failed to pass review; nobody else could really see much advantage in moving that much driver code out of the kernel.

Posted Nov 24, There are users who will attest that the drivers work, and that Markus provides good support for them.

In response to this rejection, Markus claimed ownership of the em28xx driver and asked that it be removed from the mainline kernel.

The sad story of the em28xx driver []

This is, also, the way that kernel developers are normally expected to do their work. Markus was one of the authors of the original em28xx driver, first merged for the 2. Posted Nov 15, 5: Take look on the story with Reiserfs and Reiser4: The reason for the big patch has always been that the code had to be rebased because the maintainer basically didn’t care about anything there.

It’s same as with Reiser4 Posted Nov 12, 9: