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Initially I was worried because it appeared as though I had not received the US power adapter but it was in the package and installation was simply a matter of snapping on the US power adapter, attaching the antenna, and plugging in the router. There are no screen ripples when you push from behind the screen or from the side. When the final specs came out, it turned out to be a T, but less the Bluetooth. The important specs for my A8Jm as configured: So I emailed tech support through the ASUS website, and got a reply from the tech, to call a number and speak to a rep. The touchpad is silver in color, the same as the palmrests and cover. Battery life is decent, lasting over two hours for most tasks, and performance was more than acceptable.

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Asus A8Js Review (pics, specs)

For aasus people who already have a wireless router, this will be a novelty item because of its size but not necessarily something that will be particularly useful.

The screen is a widescreen The current MHz memory sticks have a CAS latency of 5, while the MHz ones have a latency of 4, hence making only a slight difference in speed.

I bought my A8JS from milestone a while ago. Click to enlarge The battery itself is a 6-cell model rated a8m Tue Sep 25, 2: Asus A8Jm fresh out of the box, screen protection cover still in place!


Hoos’ posting is like Hoos’ love: I had read on the forums of NotebookReview. Finally, the last button launches some sort of Asus media center.

Left side view of Asus A8J view large blutooth. And in the 3 months I’ve had this laptop, this is actually the first problem I’ve had. Fri Sep 21, 1: I think the benefit derived from this purchase would have outweighed the cost even if I had paid full price.

First, the resolution really sets it apart. There are 5 control buttons above the keyboard 8aj should perform in order: Hats off to them.

Asus A8Jm Review (pics, specs)

Seemed to work like just any regular touchpad to me. Asus A8Js right side view view aa8j image. I can use any BT device on the desktop PC now. Visit our network of sites: Nothing sophisticated, but not a straight “pop in the CD and you’re ready to go”. Included was a carrying case which says Asus Design on it and an Asus optical scroll-wheel mouse. Furthermore, I found out that on A8 models with an integrated graphics card, the InstantON button works to load the non-Windows based media application.

In a typical room with average lighting conditions I think most people will be fine looking at this glossy type of screen. Citrus Ars Legatus Legionis Registered: This bonus from the MilestonePC Group Buy program was a nice perk especially since I was in need of a wireless router.


Since the A8Js has so much power in such a asu package, I worried that a tradeoff for all that power would be large amounts of noise and heat making using it on my lap a risky affair.

The keyboard layout is decent, providing access to all of the most important keys. T Core Duo 1. The touchpad feels almost identical to the rest of the laptop. There’s are several threads over on asuss Notebook Review forum that discuss it.

ASUS A8JS – Internals and Usage – Notebook Trio: ASUS A8JS and G2P and ABS Mayhem Z5

When I told him about the button, the guy seemed lost and insisted on calling it Audio DJ. I left the Recovery partition that came with the notebook alone.

Not too shabby, I thought it would be worse so I was pleasantly surprised.